Brick Wall Backdrop
The Brick Wall Backdrop behind the Jazz Band in Jazz Show has a very special significance.  The Seniors Members of the Band and Crew involved in the Show Graffiti their names on the blank brick painted flats.  Every year Mr. Benzik repaints the brick wall and every year the Seniors provide a very personal touch in set decorating.  Click the Senior Name below and see their personal Graffiti.

Ben Beth Brianna Kirbie Lauren B Lauren M Brandy
Heather Bethany Katie Connor Andy Laura
The Marquee
The Marquee has been part of Jazz Show for more than 25 years. The Marquee is painted fresh every year to reflect the theme of the show. The bottom tray of the Marquee is equipped with Black Lights so the Marquee is painted with florescent paints so that it continues to glow throughout the entire show. Add chase lights around the perimeter and you have a long standing tradition. Thanks to the Marquee Painters for and Excellent Job!

Jazz Show Marquee Design

Jazz Show Marquee in progress

Finished Marquee
2009 School Year Update
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2009 Jazz Show Program

2009 Jazz Show Stage

2009 Jazz Show Poster


Signs And Posters Used In Jazz Show 2008


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