On Friday, May 19 & Saturday, May 20, the D.T.H.S. Music Department presented "JAZZ SHOW 2006", Most Extreme Jazz Show Challenge.  Just in case you don't know what Jazz Show is all about, it is about comedy/variety show with music provided by the D.T.H.S. Jazz Band. All of the comedy  skits in the show are written or adapted by the members of the Music Department and director Mr. Richard Benzik.  Everyone associated with the show in a member of the band or Guard. 
     The Dwight Junior High Jazz Band makes special guests appearances and plays two Jazz tunes lead by Ms. Kim Doyle.  They  performed 
"So There!." featuring Mike Halloran on Vibes and "Moondance" featuring Ryan Kaiser on Trumpet and Aaron Murphy on Tenor Sax.  Songs performed by the D.T.H.S. Jazz Band were as follows:  "Slammin'" with solos by Jacob Small on Tenor Sax and Ben Montalbano on Keyboards, "The Family Guy" featuring Brittany Davis on Trumpet and Angela Boundy on Alto Sax, "Boom Boom" with Jessica Tyler on Baritone, Brittany Davis on Trumpet and Kelsey Ferguson on Alto Sax, "Don't Know Why" which featured Jenna Brown on vocals Friday Night and Jacob Small on Tenor Sax and Brittany Davis on Flugelhorn Saturday Night, "Lucretia Mac Evil" with a solos by Jacob Small on Tenor, Brittany Davis on Trumpet and Ben Montalbano on Keyboards, "How High The Moon" featuring Mrs. Mary Pfeifer on vocals with a solo by Amanda Skrzypiec on Trombone,  and "Crocodile Rock" with a solo by Mary Groll on Trumpet and Alumni. As a special ending, the Band Played "Stairway To Heaven" as an encore featuring Jason Stanton on Guitar and Jacob Small on Tenor Sax.
     The entire show is put together in 4 intense, short rehearsal days (Monday-Thursday) with opening night on Friday. The Jazz Show is always performed on the last day for seniors and is the highlight of the year for those who attend and take part in it.  On the following pages there are pictures taken from the Jazz Show for you to enjoy.


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