This years D.T.H.S. Jazz Show was held on Friday May 23rd and Saturday May 24th.  For those who are uninformed about what our Jazz show it would be best described as a Comedy/Musical Show.  All of the skits are written and performed by either D.T.H.S. band members or our music director Mr. Richard Benzik.  The Dwight Junior High Jazz Band makes special guests appearances and plays two Jazz tunes lead by Ms. Kim Doyle.  Songs that were performed by the D.G.S. Jazz Band were Satin Doll featuring solo's by Jessica Roeder and Mary Groll and Sweet Georgia Brown with soloists Adam Karstens and Lauren Masching.  Songs that were played by the D.T.H.S. Jazz band were as follows:  Stairway to Heaven, Slammin', Wanna Be Like You, Everybody's Everything,  Sweet Home Chicago and Yesterday featuring Miss Carol Coulter on vocals.  All of the skit rehearsals are done in 4 short days (Monday-Thursday) with opening night on Friday. The Jazz Show is always performed on the last day for seniors and is the highlight of the year for those who attend and take part in it.  Below will be pictures taken from the Jazz Show for you to enjoy.

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