For four years now, our seniors have taken the floor for competition.  They have laughed, cried, and even argued with each other.  Now in their fourth (and third for Lacy) year, they are ready to take lead to pass on the knowledge of the guard girls to the next generation. 

Senior Pages are under way and under construction!




Senior Night




More Senior Pictures

Jessy and Lacy being silly.

Jill rocking out with Brian and AJ.

Jessy and Lacy.

Jessy and Brumpet.

Jessy and baritone.

Jill during a home performance.

Lacy and Jessy during a home performance.


Jessy again.

Jill's solo.

More of Jill's solo.

Jill! Lovely expression =)

Jill after getting her Rising Star award.

Another picture of Jill with her new medal.

Jill doing her solo at Hononegah.

Lacy at the beginning of the show.

Lacy and Jill in the mirror at the Spaghetti Factory.

Jessy with her balloon iris at the Spaghetti Facotry.

Jill with her balloon braid-hat at the Spaghetti Facotory.

Jill, Jessy, and Lacy at South Super Sectional Awards.

Jill, Lacy, and Jessy at awards.

Lacy and Jessy harrassing Jill.

Lacy, Jill, and Jessy with the plaque.

Jessy cooking steak and Jill turning the potatoes.

The seniors at the steakhouse.

The Seniors talking to West Frankfort during awards.

Jessy headbanging and Jill singing.

Jessy putting lipstick on Lacy.


Back in the Day...

Jill and Jessy's Freshman year.

School of rock picture, Jessy in the middle.

Back in Black group picture. Lacy joins!

Lacy back in the day. so cute!

Another Lacy picture.

Durnig the BiB routine.

BoHo shot of Jessy.

From the BiB routine in 2005.

Early picture of the BiB routine.

BoHo shot from behind the screen.

Jill in the BoHo routine.

Lacy dancing.

Lacy in the BiB routine.

Color Me Rock in 2006.

Time Warp (2006) featuring Jill dancing..

Jill in her first year of rifles.

Jill posing with Jenna Brown.

Jill once more.

Dancing in Time Warp.

Jessy in Color Me Rock.

Color Me Rock (2006)

2006 Team with 2007 Seniors on top.

Jill and Jessy at 2006 State.

Jessy with Shane at 2004 State.

Lacy waiting for awards at 2006 State.


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