More to come! I swear! >_<

Why DO people love us?

Angie Posing for Le Camera.

Jessy and Jill doing what they do best...sitting...

Painting the 'ol screen with our buddy Matt. :)

Lacy and Melissa.

Just starting to paint.

Still....Painting... X_X

Lacy, Melissa, and Jessy.

You know it's true.

Lacy, so dedicated to her team...

The First Day's Crew.

Melissa adding a touch of pink.

Look at them go!

Matt! You rock! Thanks for the help!!!

Pink's such a manly color...thanks Matt!

Jessy's such a sneaky ninja...

Three levels of work.

Yeah, we're cool.

Angela...working hard or hardly working???

In a line.

Circling up at practice.

STILL in a line...

Ooh! No more line. :3

Flaggin' it up.

Ready and willing to give a good performance.

Aw yeah! The rifles.

Such dedication at practice.

We can accomplish a lot in one hour.

Tossin' them flags.

We toss a lot...

Practicing routine in a circle.

The screens are almost finished!

Another picture of the almost finished screen

Making good progress

The screens at the end of the first day.

It's getting close...

The screens before we began painting

Practicing the 3 minute performance.


More practice...

Still practicing...


Awesome picture =)


End pose.

The screens have feet! =O

Two and a halves

More two and a halves

Change places!

Go Jill!

w00t! Solo!


End pose.


The "Blue Collar Man" section.





Jessy and Veronica

Jill's solo!

More of Jill's solo!

Nice =)


Awards at Jacksonville

More J-ville awards


Jill dancing

Hiding... There's no escape from the camera!

Looking goofy and confused.

A few of the girls from Barry

Jill... pointing...

Scary Veronica and confused Melissa

Still confused

Jill showing off her "bling"

Staring at the clock "falling" off the wall

Yay, clapping

Angie showing off our latest trophy

Our team waiting in anticipation.

Yeah, no. We're not on crack...

Practicing in the bubble.

In da bubble still.

More Flagging...

Teh rifles!

Look at those beautiful tosses.

Such a big bubble...such a small squad.

Brittany and Jessy learning a move.

By the screens and ready to go.

Le Boombox...

The group, yo!

Melissa, Lacy, and Jessy during pep band.

Jessy and the Brumpet. =)

Jesizzle again.

Jessy and Lacy.

Jessy and baritone.

Melissa, Lacy, and Jessy again.

Jill with Brian and AJ.


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