The Dwight Trojan Guard was established in 1984.  Now, in 2009, it has seen it's 26th year and is still going strong.  Mr. Benzik has been The Guard's Director through all but 2 seasons.  Since 2004, the Guard has done both a 3 minute Flag Routine and a Flag Show. (6 minutes routine)  Beside performing at Home Basketball Game Halftimes, the Trojan Guard competes in 4 IDTA Invitational Competitions throughout their season.
The Guard practices every morning at 7 a.m. until about 7:55 a.m.  This is where the Guard works on their flag and rifle routines.  Working with that kind of equipment is sometimes rather dangerous and leads to a lot of injuries, but we are tough and continue on  It takes practice, skill, and dedication to succeed in this activity.  Any grade in high school can be in it, and everyone in it has fun. Each of the team members stick up for each other, and we're almost like a family.  Trojan Guard builds confidence, strength, and makes students keep their grades up.  The Guard has a good record, and hope to keep up that record, and win again at state this year.
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Guard History, in Pictures State Championships

Created by: Lacy and Jessy (2007 Trojan Guard Seniors)