The 2005 Trojan Guard team has 12 members who all get along better than ever.  They work hard and help each other when they are in need.  They are like sisters, well and with one brother (Shane, lol), but they get along and help the rest of the team work up to par.  They enjoy fun bus rides home, sleep overs, night time practices (PIZZA!!!), and just hanging out for fun.  Below are some pictures of the guard members together, or with their boyfriends or girlfriend (sorry Shane!) Or if they are just goofing around or letting loose during awards!

No Piccy...Sorry... No Piccy...Sorry...
 The Benziks Jenna -n- Pat      (Jenna's boyfriend) Tuscola Awards Tuscola Awards
Jacksonville before awards. Jill, Mom, Lacy & Puddles (Care Bear) Team Before awards again. Team in shock, they won!
Jill calling (ex)boyfriend, Brian:  "WE GOT 1st!" Really happy team! Yep still happy!      We're goofy.             (but it's okay)
Megan is really happy! Jill and Megan with TROPHIES! Mrs. B and Jill and Lacy's Mommy! YAY! SENIORS!  Shane, Megan, Jill
Shane, Jess, Megan Jill -n- Lacy (sisters) Jill -n- Shane in PE Cassie
Megan, Jill, and Cassie Megan and Jessy T. Shane and Cassie   (They could be twins!) Team Picture @ Richwoods
Another one @ Richwoods Team dancing during awards @ Richwoods      Richwoods Girls      (Our bestest friends!) Group after Richwoods Awards
Team at... Old Spaghetti Factory in ST. LOUIS! Jill and Megan Cassie and Shane
Jenna and Jill Team in shock Over joyed WE QUALIFIED! (South Super Sectional)
Pool Fun B Chillin Cassie, Jill H. and Jessy Cassie
Chicken Fights (Jill E. won) Fans Team at Spaghetti Factory Heather
Jenna's Mom, Mrs. B, Jenna and Heather Jill and Megan Pool Jill and Jenna    (captains)
Lacy, Megan, Cassie Lacy Melissa, Lacy, Angela Megan chillin
Megan and Jenna Megan and Cassie Megan and Richwoods Girls Megan and our stuffed animals
Melissa Jenna's Mom, Jenna and Heather Puddles and Trophy Shane
Shane playing his computer Lacy and Jill (sisters) Spoon Master Stairs
  Stuffed animals and Trophies Team  

Van Van Van Van
Mrs. B's Bunny Van Van Van
Jill and Lacy's Mom and Sister Jessy's family Jess's Family Group at Awards
Trophies Overjoyed Team Jill, Cassie & Richwoods freshy Lacy, Jenna, and Jill
B and Richwoods freshy Lacy, Jill, and Angela from Richwoods Lacy, Cassie, Jill, Anglea Shane
Jill, Shane, Megan Angela, Shane, freshy Megan, Shane, Jill Team at McDonalds


Things that make our team HAPPY!

Hanging out with Richwoods! Winning State baby!!!!!

This picture is especially for you Shane!

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

This is a special part for the team to remember their faces.

Don't look like this Don't tell me this Be happy to perform Pray if you want Bohemian Rhapsody: Remember sad face first Smile your butt off in fire section Change to mad face Back to sad And the crowd goes wild!
Back In Black: Anger Hold that face for the whole 3 minutes

Keep it up

Just a little longer Benzik will tell us good job! Compliments for the rest of the day! We could pray for the win but.... This will be the competition's faces Shake your booty cuz it feels good to win Feel like a champion at the end of the day!

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