Color: Red

Food:  Grandma's Italian Beef

Guard Moment:  "Learning to dance" 2003

Song:  Brown Eyed Girl  By Van Morrison

Movie:  A Walk in the Clouds

Hobby:  Scrapbookings

Animal:  Penguin

Short Bio:

Kendel has 3 brothers.  She enjoys all forms of artistic expression- from music to art, to theatre, to dance, she loves art.  She also enjoys learning about the beliefs of other people and traveling.  Her family and friends are very important to her and she thanks them for their support in everything she's done, especaially over the past 4 years.

Personal Comments:

Never pass up the opportunity to experience new things.  Become active and you will discover yourself at places you never imagined. Be thankful for each day you are blessed with.  Live it to it's extreme, always help others, and never limit yourself to where you are now.

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