Favorite Movie?  Others
Favorite Color?  Green
What are your plans after graduation? Hang around get a job
Favorite Guard Memory?  The hotel senior night
How many years have you been in Guard?  2
Favorite show since you have been in Guard?  Gone in Sixty Seconds
Favorite Song?  We're in Heaven by DJ Sammy
Favorite Actor/Actress?  Tobby Mcguire/Julia Roberts
Biggest Fear?  Bridges
Favorite food?  Inside Out Crossants
Favorite Quote?  Always be true to yourself and as long as you respect yourself, others will respect you too.

Tasha = Thank you for helping me make this year the best you have made the bus rides fun and the practices better.  Good luck in all that you want to accomplish.  You're my captain!

Andrea = Thanks for the entertaining bus rides, all the talks, and helping me learn the moves Tasha just couldn't explain to me.  Great minds always think alike.

Amber = Thanks Granny for giving me such a fun season good luck next year, beat QND.  See you at state.

Kendal = Thanks for the talks and support.  No matter what, don't change-you're a sweet girl with a-funky attitude-keep practicing thouse dance moves!

Jill = Thank you for doing you best this season, no matter what you say, we all know that you really care.  Good luck next year.

Emily = Thank you for always knowing your moves and never missing a beat.  Good luck next year.

Jenna = Stay sweet, have fun, make sure you always shut your hotel door.  Good luck nest year!

Chere = Thanks for the food, we all would have starved before we got to the competition.  Thank you for calming downbefore we performed.  Good luck in all that you wish to accomplish.


The Hotel Ghost
Dancing Boys
Competitions(on and off the floor)
The Support

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