Favorite Movie?  Gone in Sixty Seconds
Favorite Color?  Blue
What are your plans after graduation? Go to JJC
Favorite Guard Memory?  Before State at the mall when I almost fell in the fountain to get that necklace
How many years have you been in Guard?  Three
Favorite show since you have been in Guard?  Gone in Sixty Seconds
Favorite Song?  In Da Club By 50 Cent
Favorite Actor/Actress?  Joshua Jackson and Drew Barrymore
Biggest Fear?  Heights
Favorite food?  Chinese
Favorite Quote?  " Live life to it's fullest, make every day count"

I Just want to say thanks to "B" you ARE the Guard Father, I am really thankful for having you push us all the way to state.

Amber = You are the best little me ever I am really gonna miss you next year, don't be to mean to the younger ones.

Andrea = You are truly a weirdo and I will miss you so much,  good luck next year, oh and when you become a cop try and cut me a break because I have blackmail on you.

Kendal = Always remember you are a much better ballarina then a hoochie dancer, keep an eye on Amber for me and don't let her be to mean.

Tracy = you are a great dance teacher but face it their is no hope for Kendal good luck on whatever you decide to do next year.  You are the best big sis a smart mouth like me could ask for.

Emily = lets face it you are a pain but i love you anyway, if you raround next year which you will be remember be the best you can and don't let anyone stand in your way.

Jenna = I'm gonna miss ya I agree with Andrea on the mase thing and don't forget your pig our they will all shoot you.

Chere = well the season is over and I will miss you have fun in Texas

JIll = you are a goof ball just remember do things for you and not anyone else and try not to make Amber mad we all know how she is (ha ha)

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