Favorite Movie?  Double Team
Favorite Color?  Lime Green/Metallic Purple
What are your plans after graduation? Attend JJC, Play Softball, Major in Criminal Justice
Favorite Guard Memory?  All Our Bus Rides
How many years have you been in Guard?  Three and a Half
Favorite show since you have been in Guard?  Gone in Sixty Seconds
Favorite Song?  Work It By Missy Elliot
Favorite Actor/Actress?  Dennis Rodman and
Biggest Fear?  Not Having Any Food
Favorite food?  Any Thing
Favorite Quote?  Live Each Day as If It's Your Last


Here are some pictures of things that I like



"B" = Thanks for all the memories you had a big impact on my high school years, even if I could I wouldn't change a thing that happend this year

Tasha = Thanks for all the good times (she ____ hates me) Thanks for all the entertainment you provided for the guard and we can't forget our caracell ride.

Tracy = Thanks for all the talks. You really are a good listener, and friend.  Thanks for all the dance lessons.

Kendal = Thanks for always being there, thanks for letting me borrow your staff shirt.  Thanks for all the great hoochie dances, you'll get it some day girl.  Good luck next year It's your turn girl so shake that thing P.S. have you read any good books lately?

(Back to Tasha)  If you  got a big let me search ya and found out how hard I gotta work ya. P.S. remember just because the necklace and ring look real doesn't mean it is, so don't fall in after it.

 Amber = Thanks for all the good times don't get lost in the dome next year. You have improved so much, and I'm so proud of you.  It's your turn to shine next year.

Jenna = Thanks for all the memories.  Remember R.E.S.P.E.C.T find put what it means to me and dont forget to bring mase with you next year.

Chere = Girl I will never forget our many dances on the bus, or the time when you were dancing and we thought you took off your shirt good luck in Texas show'm how we be doin it up in here

Jill = Evil Jill I'm gonna miss ya chick I hope every thing turns out for you don't give up.

Emily = Are you ever gonna get your care bear back from me? I'll never forget our great talks about our personal lives.

Everyone = Good luck next year, don't give up you can do it and you will.  I'll c-ya at state ok homies


Here are some Pictures of the team



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